Saturday, January 17, 2009

More of Spike's Wild Things revealed...!

So if there is anybody out there whose stumbled upon this hotchpotch of opinion known as a blog and is excited about Spike Jonze’s upcoming film adaptation of the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, you’re in good company. It sits amongst my top five most anticipated films of ‘09 alongside Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut, Synedoche New York and The Wolf man remake. The latter rest assured is simply the guilty pleasure of seeing top bloke Benico Del Toro as a lycanthrope - a creature I have a lot of time for.

Jonze’s vision has been under a cloud of “complications” it seems since it began production almost a good two years ago. This was always going to be a film with a heavy post-production period, but rumours of the studio initially rejecting the director’s first cut, requiring re-shoots and worst of all, potentially replacing Spike, seemed to have turned out to be just that; rumours. Even so, the film was pushed back too over a year from its initial release date. Jonze never commented, but words from the studio’s execs and one Forest Whittaker (he voices one of the Wild Things along side Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini) claiming all was well, was….well, reassuring.

Now….brand new pics have surfaced after only really seeing glimpses in the past and all I can say is that they do not disappoint. The Wild Things themselves look freakin' gorgeous. I dare say the puppet master, Jim Henson, would have been proud of this kind of work. Of course, if you have ever read or seen and interview with one Spike Jonze (or at the very least, seen one of his two films), you would know he is quite the quirky chap. Not content with just releasing pics, the man whose all about coolness and oddness equally, has decided to take advantage of the promotional opportunity and print these images on a limited edition run of skateboards from the boarding fanatic’s own company.

Is this the coolest shit or what? I think so.

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